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View Diary: It's Time to Change the Narrative on Voter Suppression (44 comments)

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    We should have a new law for voting:
    (1) everyone who comes to vote should have  voter id with picture or other biometric data.
    (2)if you don't have id you can still vote and be issued an id that day.
    (2a) Votes cast by anyone without id will be held separately and will be subject to expedited checking if such votes would determine election outcome.
    (3) the buden of proof that one in inelligble to vote will be on the government.
    (3) intentional fraud will be subject to fines/jail time.
    (4) intimidation will also bring on fines/jail time.
    (5) Feds should facilitate  vetting of voters in metropolitan areas near state lines (eg to prevent say someone voting in both DC and Virginia)

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