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View Diary: CT-Sen: WWE Scraps "Dated And Edgier Footage" To Protect Linda McMahon's (R) Senate Campaign (7 comments)

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    The usual list of dead wrestlers that goes around includes many names of people who died (a) in completely unrelated incidents, (b) working for other companies, (c) of self-abuse that may or may not be related to where they worked, or (d) in ways that, to be fair, weren't recognized by many people as problematic.

    Take, for instance, Chris Benoit's murder-suicide. While it's a fair statement that a contributing factor may well have been the cerebral damage caused by repeated concussions that had psychological effects, when he died this sort of problem was still just being recognized as a legitimate issue with hockey and football players. So it's not entirely fair to blame that situation on the McMahon's.

    Other cases, sure. The rampant steroid and painkiller abuse that Vince McMahon allowed to go unchecked for years contributed to the problems many of the workers had, but the distinctions usually get lost and what ends up happening is a "McMahon Death List" that has no more credence than the Clinton version.

    •  not trying to go CT here (0+ / 0-)

      But the fact that that incident was considered open and shut in roughly 2.5 hours seems fishy to me. Ive never heard of a case like that, let alone a high profile one like that, being closed that quickly simply for the whole set-up aspect. Not saying the McMahons had anything to do with it, but its a known fact Vince will do anything to squash bad publicity

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