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  •  Sure... (13+ / 0-)

    But, Cameron hasn't debunked the other Titanic theories.

    Belfast Telegraph: Was it really Titanic that sank?

    Imagine, if you will, that the Titanic's near identical sister ship The Olympic was severely damaged in a collision while sailing from Southampton. The cruiser HMS Hawke smashed into the side of the Olympic and an inquiry later exonerated the Hawke of all blame.

    This set Gardiner’s theory in motion. White Star Line was allegedly under-insured and the cost of fixing the damaged Olympic which had a broken keel among other items that needed repairing, was going to be high.

    As the White Star's flagship would also be out of action during repairs, the Titanic's completion date would have to be delayed. All this would have amounted to a serious financial hit for the company. The damage was so severe that the relevant insurance would fail to recover the costs, as both parties were instructed to pay for damages.

    Set to make an, er, titanic loss of some $750,000, White Star supposedly switched the liners around and had the Olympic, disguised as the Titanic, deliberately sunk in order to claim the insurance.

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