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  •  Producer of Film Speaking at Geller/Spencer Rally (1+ / 0-)
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    Media for Christ appears to be the producer of the film.

    The California Secretary of State lists Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih as the agent for service of process for Media for Christ. Here's him speaking at the Park 51 rally a year ago. This rally was organized by Islamophobes Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.

    Apologies for this being intercut with right wing lies but KO commented last year about Nasrallah being attacked when they were confused with being a Muslim. Watch starting at 2:09.

    Nasrallah commented about this incident as follows.

    There was a minor incident at the rally that was blown out of proportion, when my partner, Mr. Karam El Masry, and I were distributing material with some Quran verses and we were also speaking Arabic thus we were mistaken by a few people in the huge crowd, for being Muslims infiltrators trying to disrupt the event. This misunderstanding was clarified when we explained who we were and that we are there to support the crowd against the building of the mosque. I was a little frustrated initially for being identified as a Muslim infiltrator, but was glad that the issue was resolved later. My partner, Mr. El Masry, was even able to freely speak to the crowd after our identity was clarified. He explained how Christians are tortured, killed and oppressed in Egypt at the hands of Muslims who are encouraged to persecute Christians from the pulpit of mosques by Muslim preachers.

    The reason I am writing to you, is because I am very disappointed in the mainstream media who used this minor incident to make a blanket generalization about all the attendees of the rally as Muslim haters.This kind of generalization was unfair to the good American people who legitimately stand against the building of a mosque next to ground zero and who are against Islamist agenda in the US. I am very well aware of such an agenda which has destroyed the Christian and Jewish existence in the Middle East.

    It's too bad Nasrallah didn't take the commandment against bearing false witness and making blanket generalization as seriously for his personal behavior.

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