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View Diary: Torture claim of Aussie Gitmo victim receives witness corroboration (11 comments)

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  •  The more things "Change" ... (1+ / 0-)
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    Horace Boothroyd III

    ... the more they stay the same.

    Yup.  Gitmo is still open for business for indefinite "prolonged detentions," even though they can't charge most of the prisoners because the "evidence is tainted" (coerced confessions can't stand up in a civilian court, and since these individuals are only criminals, not POWs, they can't be legally tried in a military court; we never declared war on another country - it was a gang of common criminals using guerrilla warfare tactics that committed hijacking and murder on 9/11, and they died with their victims).  The same convoluted faux-legal-logic is still going on in the Executive, Judicial, and Congressional branches of government that were in effect under Dumbya-Dickie.  (Obviously, one must wonder where else such prisons are open that we don't yet know about.)

    Rachel Maddow - Obama proposes detention for Pre-Crime

    The date on the newspaper that Rachel Maddow quotes is 21 May 2009, four months after Obama took the presidential oath of office..., and just a few months before Obama signed the 'revised' version of the Military Commissions Act of '09 which updated the Military Commissions Act of '06 (when Dumbya-Dickie were in charge).  Both are as unconstitutional as the Patriot Act and the FISA fiasco '08 (which Obama voted for), and the FISA extensions 2011.

    Three days after Obama voted for the FISA fiasco '08, he announced that he was not only going to retain Dumbya's executive-order-created 'office of faith-based initiatives' that is run out of the White House, but that he was going to expand it and increase funding for the program.  (One would have thought the reichwingnuts screaming "he's a mooslem" would have been silenced by that religion-in-the-White-House gesture, but they only screamed louder, and switched the topic to his birth certificate.)

    A few months after he took the oath of office, I caught a blurb online that Obama had hired/appointed a "religious adviser" and listed his name with Rev as a title.  When I went back to look for it a week or two later, I couldn't find it.  Now I see on the Wiki page there's a whole long list of 'advisers' and I don't remember which name I saw about three years ago.  [Why would a secular leader of a secular nation with a secular constitution that mandates separation of church and state need 'religious advisers' - and, more importantly, who's paying their salaries???]

    As willfully stupid as Dumbya is, even he didn't try to get Congress to create that office since even that moron knew the First Amendment mandated separation of church and state.  Instead, he started his pattern of issuing executive orders every time he wanted his way on something he knew he couldn't get via the regular way: by going to Congress first.  That's as unconstitutional as the rest of these things, yet Obama has let all of them be, and expanded and extended the reach of these unconstitutional pieces of legislation that took away virtually all of our rights.  Obama should have written a counter-executive order to disband that unconstitutional office.  It would save a helluva lot of money, for one thing!

    For as big a deal as Moronic Media makes of religion in politics/government (without pointing out to the religicos that it's unconstitutional), and letting these bigoted reichwingnut faux-religious bloviators have open microphone time to scream about "teh gayz," abortions and birth control, you'll notice they never say anything about the executive-order-foot-in-the-door Dumbya created (and Obama retained) for inserting religion into government one way or another..., by stealth, if they can't get Congre$$ Critter$ to make laws of religious beliefs (this legitimizes the War on Gayz, and the War on Women, especially the whole anti-abortion part).

    Then there's the matter of the whistleblowers who are supposed to be protected by law because they're reporting on the illegalities done..., who, since Dumbya-Dickie were in office, are still being treated like criminals (Valerie Plame and Jesselyn Radack know about that).

    And there was the failure to even consider, let alone mention, single-payer medical insurance run through Medicare, in spite of voters' emails, phone calls, faxes, all begging them for single-payer medical insurance (it could create lots of jobs through the government to handle the extra paperwork; the infrastructure is there, it's running efficiently, even if greedy insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical corporations keep increasing prices, and Congress "could" put caps on all of that, but don't/won't, thanks to the "freedom of speech" they gained by the $COTU$ Citizen$ United wrongheaded decision).  Now, because of another $COTU$ decision, we'll be forced to funnel more of our hard-earned money to the profit margins of more corporations.  (Bet they make record-setting profits within three months of the full program starting.)

    All that and more intolerable things are still going on....

    My outrage meter long ago broke.

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Sat Sep 15, 2012 at 03:45:45 PM PDT

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