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View Diary: [EDITED] Leaked Video: Romney Caught At Fundraiser-Describing Investing in Abusive Chinese Factory (108 comments)

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  •  It also shows how incredibly stupid he is (5+ / 0-)

    He actually believed the Chinese government when it said that the guard towers and barbed wire were there to keep others out, rather than to keep these poor women trapped inside in slave conditions.  It never even occurred to him why so many of the women never returned to the factory when they were finally allowed, for the New Year, to visit their families.  He thinks it was because they saved so much money, even though he said in the video that they worked for a "pittance" under horrible conditions.

    So he is venal, completely uncaring about human beings (in particular women) from whose labor he and Bain profited, and a complete moron to believe that the towers and barbed wire were there not to keep the women trapped inside but rather to keep job hunters out.

    This does need to go viral.

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