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    To my "pro-choice" Republican friends.  Don't delude yourself.  If you vote for Romney/Ryan, you're voting to end legal abortion in this country.  Romney chose Ryan for a reason. Ryan is an anti-abortion absolutist and zealot. You say you may be voting for Romney/Ryan because of their economic policies, even though they won't say exactly what they are and his advisors are the same people that got us into this economic mess under Bush.  Then, if Romney/Ryan wins, you need to look me clearly in the eye and say that you are willing for your daughters and granddaughters to not have access to legal abortion.  That you are willing for your sons to forego college and be trapped in a marriage resulting from an unintended pregnancy.  That you are willing for more and more babies to be born into poverty.  You don't get to walk away clean because you say you disagree with Romney/Ryan on their extremist anti-abortion positions. You will be complicity agreeing with their positions because a vote for Romney/Ryan will give them the power to take away women's fundamental right to an abortion. If they are elected, don't come to me again for help with your abortion, your wife's abortion, your daughter's abortion, or your son's girlfriend's abortion. I may have to look you clearly in the eye and shed a tear for your self induced misfortune.


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    by annrose on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 06:12:04 PM PST

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