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  •  it can bring out the best in people. (0+ / 0-)

    Long-distance caregiving for our parents and grandmother brought my brother and me closer together, with more support, communication and understanding than we'd ever experienced.

    this kind of situation brings out the worst in everyone.
    There's an old Circassion parable about a man whose father was getting old and feeble. The rather brutal tradition in the village was that when an old man became a burden on his family, the eldest soon carried him out to a mountain cliff and threw him off, to his death. The time came, and the eldest son put his frail father on his back and carried him up into the mountains. Nearing the cliff, he stumbled on a rock. To his surprise and annoyance, his father began giggling and then laughing out loud. The son angrily asked: "Father, why are you laughing? You know it is my duty to throw you off this cliff to your death." The old man replied: "Yes, my son, I know the tradition very well. You see, when I carried my father here, I stumbled over the same rock."

    That ended the tradition, in that village.

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