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View Diary: End the Nuclear Threat in the Middle East (45 comments)

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    Israel does not threaten to exterminate Iran.  Israel does not use rhetoric like 'It is time to wipe the evil Persian regime off the face of the map.'  

    Ahmadinejad has done his country no favors with his utterly insane rhetorical nonsense.

    That said--I fully oppose action in Iran, as most here do.  

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      Anne Elk

      that Ahmadinejad has no control over any nukes Iran will ever have, unless he becomes the supreme spiritual leader of the country someday.

      Until then, it makes more sense to try to read Ayatollah Khamenei's mind.  He's the one who would have his finger on any nuclear trigger.

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        we have into political minds--so Ahmadinejad is actually a fairly dangerous actor in world affairs even if the Ayatollahs wield the actual power.  But in any case--how much power they DO wield is a matter of debate as well--the rift between the cleric and the mullahs is a major issue as well--so who the key players might turn out to be in a few years can certainly be in some flux.

        I see Khameini as a strange character but a rational actor--Ahmadinejad is more of a mouth--and a loud one.  But that mouth is doing a fair amount to shape politics in the region as well.

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