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View Diary: And now ... they're re-releasing Romney (178 comments)

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  •  All that fundraising and no message.....Must be (12+ / 0-)

    •  Right, if money = speech (0+ / 0-)

      the billionaires who own the Republican Party have wasted a mint on one built on lies and hate. Hundreds of millions spent not on new ideas or details of what the ticket will do for America...just more hazy blather and out of context catch phrases. A smokescreen of faux patriotism that hopes to distract from the Republican's actual policies of more war, lower taxes for the rich, less regulations on the industries that caused the financial collapse, decimation of our social safety nets and a bigger onus on the struggling classes because they know now as they did in 2010 that if America knew the details of their schemes they would never hold elected offices ever again. They can't speak about their true agenda, they're running for office for Pete's sake!

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