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View Diary: British PM Cameron & Germans Merkel Tell Netanyahu to Shut the F'ck Up, "NO" to Red Lines (151 comments)

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  •  warmongering for a war they cannot win (3+ / 0-)
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    4democracy, elwior, Quicklund

    without the US is irresponsible. Let's not forget that the entire region will go up in flames, many Arab Spring nations will turn anti-Israel and anti-US not unlike we had seen it in Iran when it turned fundamentalist. After all, today's Iran is the consequence of our previous mistakes. Bibi's policies would multiply such effects over much of the Middle East. Plus, Bibi always hated the Arab Spring, much preferred the previous dictators.

    •  Can't win it WITH the US. Iran is not Iraq. It i (3+ / 0-)
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      Quicklund, davidincleveland, tari

      s not a flat desert plain, but quite mountainous.  It is some 3x larger geographically than Iraq. It was not a cardboard cutout created bythe British 90 years ago.   It is not a relative few millions, many opposed to the central government and more loyal to tribes or ethnic groups than the national identity, but 75 million and a national identity stretching back over 3000 years.  It has GDP estimated around $1 trillion.

      BTW, that's about the population of Germany in WW2.

      And how long where we in Iraq and how well did that work out?

      •  Iran has it's ethnic cohesion problems too (1+ / 0-)
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        There are Kurds to the NW and Arabs in the SE that have significant cross-border attachments. Many Iranians are not ethnic Persians. But that quibble does not in the slightest invalidate your point. Which is, attacking Iran would bean the beginning of a full-scale war that would cost trillions and last years.

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