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  •  the contradiction of GOP economics (2+ / 0-)
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    SquirrelQueen, happymisanthropy

    The GOP offers but one policy-level solution to economic woes - tax cuts. They apply tax cuts the way medieval doctors applied leeches. And they offer one other talking point, although they don't offer solutions for it - deficit reduction.

    Problem #1 is that tax cuts and deficit reduction contradict each other. They can't sell the always-irrational and demonstrably incorrect "voodoo economics" idea that tax cuts will cause so much growth that they actually increase revenue. They don't even try that supply-side nonsense anymore (actually, supply-side has a lot of neat ideas, but all Republicans remember about it is tax cuts).

    So they suggest, they imply that deficit reduction and balanced budgets can be accomplished entirely by cutting (but not eliminating) welfare-type projects and minor bits like NPR. It's a fun talk game, but it won't work at a policy level. The ONLY thing that could be cut seriously without massive social disruption is military spending, but "the troops" are a sacred cow and no Republican can suggest out loud that military spending should be even trimmed, much less slashed. Why, how would we keep the terrorists at bay?

    The real meat of GOP economics is elsewhere... tax cuts for the rich just because they need to be that much richer, mortally wounding self-funding entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare because conservatives find them unaesthetic, and the ever-popular union-busting. But none of these really sell well. We're given drivel about trickle-down and greedy unions and inevitable entitlement doom, but none of it holds up to the slightest scrutiny.

    So basically, Republican economics are nonsense.

    Add to that the fact that they've basically ceded the entire foreign policy ground to Obama, and it's hard to tell what it is they're running on today. Economics? That's just silly. Hating Obama? Fine, but it's hard to not feed the racists that way. Jingoistic military? Hah.

    "Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice."
    The All-Powerful Nateboi

    by Orbital Mind Control Lasers on Mon Sep 17, 2012 at 09:28:04 AM PDT

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