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  •  Law is a rough field right now. (11+ / 0-)

    I don't remember the precise numbers, but there is a huge glut of law grads right now with nowhere to go for jobs and massive student loan debt. There are also a sickeningly large number of these same sorts of shady unpaid internships running rampant.

    Self representation is a double whammy in that, anyone who represents themselves in the court of law has a fool for a client, and really, many of the upfront expenses necessary in order to pursue a civil suit are still present.

    •  Well... (3+ / 0-)

      And the standards are fuzzy.  So you're rolling the dice

      On top of that, most legal communities are quite small.  You sue a law firm, the word gets out...really harder to find work.

      And since lawyers are licensed by state, it's not exactly easy, particularly when you don't qualify for reciprocity, to just decide to move to a different state to pursue your options.

      That's presuming you win.

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