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  •  When you went to college... (0+ / 0-) did not get paid. You paid them, because you were learning something of value.

    If this internship can teach you valuable knowledge, take it. Let the knowledge be your payment.

    (You will also not feel so bad about quitting after you have learned what you need).

    I have been burnt by an inexperienced (not "unlicensed"..."inexperienced") architect. From the comments I now know that this guy must have had an "apprenticeship". It didn't help my project any.

    The young architect was intelligent and good-hearted, but he did not understand the reality of how stuff gets built in New York City.

    Is it fair that one should have to suck up to bureaucrats and inspectors? No. But it is reality. There are formal and informal ways of getting things done that the new kids just don't know...yet.

    I'm not usually an worshiper of "market-based" solutions, but I think this is a good opportunity to try one out. Those who disagree with me can hire the Bright Young One.

    I'll stick with the Seasoned Architect...the one who knows the receptionist's name.

    We'll see who gets a rent check first...

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