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View Diary: Water Engines, Hydrinos, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Esoteric Energy (24 comments)

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  •  Anybody see the diary about the plasmoids (2+ / 0-)
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    gmoke, Larsstephens

    A few months ago? Said it's some physicist on the East Coast.

    A ring of capacitors in a nitrogen chamber, with electrodes sticking out that surround a metal tube. Thing goes zap, plasma strings curl around into the tube, ravel up into donut-shaped 'plasmoids', which shoot electrons out their axis at their neighbors, and I guess it's the last one in line that gets hot enough for fusion.

    Said they claim to've already achieved the bad kind of fusion that makes radioactivity, and expect that when they turn the thing up to its designed power level, they'll get the clean kind.

    Any opinions on this?

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