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View Diary: Secret video shows Romney claiming 47 percent will vote for Obama because they are moochers (342 comments)

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  •  No it won't. THEY all consider themselves (9+ / 0-)


    Even if they are taking like mad from the government themselves. Somehow they manage to either not recognize their "dependency" or to justify it to themselves. They are WORTHY of the help.

    The people who need food and shelter and medical care -- the truly desperate, in other words, DO NOT DESERVE the government's help.

    •  You may be right that some (1+ / 0-)
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      groups (corporate elites for instance) may not recognize thay are "dependents," Julia, but there are millions of Republican working class people out there that rely on government assistance and may resent what Romeny has said in private at a fundraiser of all places. This resentment could depress the vote should the story go viral. Enthusiasm of Romney supporters could go down a couple of more percentage points.

      In short, some republican groups may resent this depiction of them and vote third party or not vote at all. More good news for the President's re-election chances.

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