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View Diary: David Brooks, patrician Republican, knows Romney has blundered (13 comments)

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  •  I woke up this morning and read this column (3+ / 0-)
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    MadRuth, JTinDC, wonmug

    and I came her to see if anyone had posted a diary yet.

    David Brooks' harsh criticism of Romney is significant not because it's surprising, but because it's so expected.

    As a liberal, Brooks tends to make my blood boil because he's a true conservative, one who regularly refers to Edmund Burke as a sort of touchstone. He sees tradition as a necessary stabilizing force in society. The fact that he has distanced himself from Romney shows the truly radical, rather than conservative, nature of the people currently driving the Republican party.

    The column was a response to the candid camera recording of Romney. He then goes on to explain how Romney's statetment is counter to traditional American values. Brooks use of the phrase "the makers and the moochers" links Romney's ideas to Ayn Rand, a self-styled philosopher who sought to undermine tradition.

    When Brooks says, "Romney’s comments also reveal that he has lost any sense of the social compact"  and "[t]he Republican Party. . . has shifted over toward a much more hyperindividualistic and atomistic social view," he raises the specter of a Hobbsian world that true conservative have always feared.

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      Brooks is writing from actual experience.  Who would know better than he does what self satisfied millionaires say to each  other?

      If the Republicans ever find out that Barack Obama favors respiration, we'll be a one-party system inside two minutes. - Alan Lewis

      by MadRuth on Tue Sep 18, 2012 at 03:31:26 AM PDT

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