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View Diary: Mitt Romney pulled up from his bootstraps: 'I have inherited nothing.' (116 comments)

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  •  Julian Castro is absolutely right. (5+ / 0-)

    Mitt Romney truly believes he inherited nothing. George W. Bush was the same way. Never had to really work for anything. Did Mitt Romney ever start a business with what little he could cobble together from working two jobs? Hell no. You can be sure daddy's friends form the club staked Mitt plenty of dough to start Bain.

    But Mitt is so clueless and has been so cut off from the real world that most Americans face that he has no idea what it means to really build something from nothing.

    He's never done that. Never had to. The way was well greased for him. Just like W, all of his failures were covered.

    People like Mitt and W lack a core empathy. They don;t know any better. That;s why, more often than not, they act like petty bullies when someone actually calls them on their hollowness or threatens their weak self confidence.

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