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View Diary: "Twigg expressed regret. So did Akin. Neither one has apologized" (50 comments)

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    This treatment was enough to make you want to leave the site?  This one comment a handful of uprates?  Would you consider that a posse?  As a commentor that has been the frequent subject of bullying at the hands of self appointed DK patrol officers and other bands of group-thinkers, all I can say is 'put your big boy pants on.'  There wasn't a posse?  Ask joelpg about that.

    You really took this as 'likening' you to Todd Akin?  It's pretty clear to me the commentor was making a point about the difference between 'expressing regret' and a genuine apology, giving two examples.  If those who refused to apologize like you do here were likened to Mitt Romney (as someone who also refuses to apologize) whould that be 'likening' to a person, or likening to an act that person performed?

    One thing you are right about is that the community is not good at examining things like this.  For example, it's pretty absurd to insinuate these unedited videos were in any way like the obviously highly edited videos of James O'Keefe.  

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