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View Diary: Romney reveals his Middle East peace plan: 'Kick the ball down the field' and 'hope' it fixes itself (147 comments)

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  •  He wants their land and water (0+ / 0-)

    The whole thing has nothing to do with religion, rights, inferior creatures on either side, or God.   It is the oldest human problem.   One group of humans wants what another group of humans already has -- and is trying to figure out how to either drive them away or kill them all.  

    The right wingers in Israel do like the violence, fear is what keeps them in power.

    Israel's neighbors are more concerned about Israel's expansion than they are about the plight of the Palestenians.   They care in the same way that we care about what is going on in Darfur but to think that an Iranian Shia feels much in common with a Palestenian Christian would be an overstatement.    Iranians care more about the threat of Israel's bombs than the horrible treatment of the Palestenians and Beudion.

    The countries with large refugee populations care, but they care because they want the refugees to go away.   They sympathize but do not like them.   We are all liberals here but would any of us like a housing project containing thousands of people who can't work in our backyard?    Would we like to pay for it?

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