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View Diary: Occupy Retrospection: What Have We Learned? (88 comments)

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  •  Not a spokesman for occupy, don't need your... (0+ / 0-)

    consensus. Neither do they. Plain boring truth is that Sec Geithner didn't want oversight of the bailouts or the banks involved. Wasn't worried about the (soon to be realized) potential for massive fraud and abuse, buying the industry line that messy stuff like 'legal accountability' would scare off bankers despite the obvious fact that they and their companies would sink without the aid. Obsessively pitched the industry line that with their reputation at risk, nobody was going to commit fraud.

    It's what happened. Take it or leave it. SIGTARP Barofsky had no reason to ruin an otherwise promising DOJ career if this is just a fib, while the folks at Treasury who trashed him had every reason to get his nose out of their business and try make him look like a know-nothing fool.

    •  see that's what you don't understand (0+ / 0-)

      this nation was founded on consensus and in general should be governored by consensus.

      The financial situation was fucked up no doubt abotu it but you don't get to be apolitical, I'm sure it's trendy but it's also pointless.

      Again I ask what should I look out for?

      •  Apolitical? Who here is apolitical? (0+ / 0-)

        Being 'political' doesn't mean being intentionally ignorant to and quiet about the faults present in the party and candidates you intend to vote for. Whitewash the situation all you want with empty language about how fucked up the whole thing is. The plain simple fact is that Occupy Wall Street has every reason to protest the complicity of the Democratic Party in the crimes of Wall Street. If it were otherwise, the headlines would be awash in the hundreds of prosecutions of high level financial executives for the massive frauds they've perpetrated.

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