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  •  Occupy Wall Street pumped up far right $$$$$ (1+ / 0-)
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    and that was what distorted the 2011 primary season.

    The Tea Party had already peaked. OWS is what gave the GOP a biblical Flood of far right money.

    That fall resembled what happened after Nixon tanked the Republican Party with the Watergate scandal. The television had protest after protest after protest. Huge amounts of far right cash flooded in -- turning the GOP over to the John Birch Society / Tea Party agenda.

    They got exactly the candidate these wack-job billionaries wanted.

    Mitt Romney is a person of bad character. There is no shortage of documentation. In a normal campaign cycle that information would have come out somewhere in the Iowa-New Hampshire-South Carolina phase of the contest. For example: he lies about damn near anything -- by preference.

    If the GOP had put up a sensible governor, such as Huntsman, they would not be seeing the clock reset to August 9th, 1974, when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace. Ultimately, Romney's "47%" video is that bad when coupled with his gawd-awful lying.

    By over-reacting to OWS, they have nominated Romney the Anti-Christ Hate-Master and possibly doomed their hold over their churchgoer Base.

    Yes, OWS is great! and I love watching this unfold.

    •  again that's just plain wrong (0+ / 0-)

      and that's the nicest way I can say about that

      2012 would have shaked out the same with or without Occupy. Romney was the runner up in 2008 it was fairly inevietable that he would be the nominee

      Just as it was inevietable that Huntsman despite probably be the more dangerous candidate had no chance at all

      •  FOLLOW THE MONEY. (0+ / 0-)

        When you don't do that, you get such as this one: "Romney was the runner up in 2008 it was fairly inevietable that he would be the nominee."

        That's so bad that it's not even wrong.

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