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View Diary: Jailing Journalists, Imprisoning Protestors - NDAA is a Deal-Breaker for Me (83 comments)

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  •  exactly (9+ / 0-)

    If being "anti-insane" means I must stand mute in the face of my rights being violated?  I call BS.

    Freedom of speech matters.  Due Process matters.  Habeus Corpus matters.  Posse Cimitatus matters.

    Why must we get yelled at for advocating these things and not pushing back to the left?

    •  Well, last time around, everybody said (6+ / 0-)

      shhh! the election's too important, wait until it's over to say anything.

      After all, you don't want to give the Limbaugh types any ammunition (notwithstanding their ability to just make shit up out of thin air whenever needed . .. ), blah blah blah.

      It made sense on some level, so I dutifully didn't say anything pre-election 2008.

      Then what happened in fast order upon Obama taking office - de facto legalization of torture (by announcing he'd not prosecute any CIA employees, a pecedent that's now spread quite widely), doubling down on Bush's idiotic education policy in the form of Arne Duncan, and rapidly approving 42 of 48 MTR coal mines.  

      Seriously, that's really NOT what I was voting for!   And things just went down hill from there.

      But one has to keep dutifully telling oneself HOW MUCH WORSE THINGS WOULD BE IF THE GOP WERE TOTALLY IN CHARGE - and go vote for more of the same.  At least they're not blatantly insulting our intelligence by packaging it as "change" this time around.

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