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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren surges post-convention (87 comments)

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  •  MA has a GOP machine? (2+ / 0-)
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    Cedwyn, JBL55
    •  It certainly has (11+ / 0-)

      a working-class, Reagan Democrat machine.

      And it's a very Catholic state, and the church, as noted above, is become quite right-wing.

      It also has a BOYS' club that doesn't seem to much like female candidates.

      It also has squishy Dems, like Ray Flynn and, apparently, Tom Menino (which is VERY disappointing).

      Oh, and we also have a HUGE hate-radio audience, including sports' channels (WEEI) and rock channels (WAAF).

      •  Yes but (2+ / 0-)
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        cordgrass, askew

        Deval Patrick is all in for Elizabeth, and that will help.

      •  I would have to dispute much of this (0+ / 0-)

        First, on the meme that we don't like electing female candidates. Most of the candidates in question were gawd awful (Healey, O'Brien). And the rest, most of 'em, were meh. Coakley comes to mind...if she's the best we have to offer, then no wonder they can't get elected. Martha's smart, and she's tough, but she's also a terrible stumper.

        When a GOOD female candidate comes up, we vote for them - the top TWO candidates in the Meehan MA-05 special election were both women, Niki Tsongas having won, and Lowell City Councilor Eileen Donoghue (who I'd have preferred) really close behind, if the vote had been another three weeks I have to wonder if Niki'd have won it.

        Niki is a meh candidate as well (somewhat in the "aloof" category, I should know, as even I have a hard time talking to her, and I'm a local blogger and Dem supporter). Yet she won - in what is arguably one of the more "old boy" networked areas of the state. Against what seemed to be a credible Republican opponent at the time (Oganowski).

        RE DINOs, yeah. We have them. Especially outside the 95/495 metro area. I have one for a state Rep. I don't think we have more of them proportionately than the rest of the's just that there are a bazillion Dems. Most of the conservaDems I know of are blue-collar working-class Dems but socially conservative and somewhat fiscally conservative. I dislike my Rep, Nangle, but let's face it, when the party IS the whole state, you're bound to have some idiots in it.

        RE a Republican machine...hahahahah! No, there is not. There was that time Governor Romney tried to buck up the Republican state legislature contingent in the middle of his term...fielding more candidates than in a LOOONG time for the R's...he wound up losing the Republicans 2 state House seats and 1 state Senate seat.

        In the 2010 "red wave", the Republicans were not able to leverage that with ANY machine of ANY sort, and they lost a seat in the state Senate. They gained in the House, "doubling" they could go from 15 to 30 seats total there, which is still way under a superminority.

        Any of the sorts of Dems who might split the ticket and vote Brown, they are not the type to get off their asses and work for a candidate. Trust me. There is no machine there.

        What there are in plenty are: lazy Dems, a few ticket-splitting Dems when there is a (perceived) Republican moderate (usually for Governor, and usually in the name of "balance"), and a fracking BOATLOAD of "unenrolleds" aka independents. The indy's on average tend to lean Dem overall, and in fact most of them vote one way or the other most of the time it appears. There is also a squishy middle low-info set of unenrolleds who show up, but don't really know what they are voting for.

        •  Independents are polling heavily for Brown (1+ / 0-)
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          which is a concern.  To counter that, there needs to be strong turnout of registered Democrats. Having Menino's GOTV effort behind Warren would be very helpful. But even if he's not going to lift a finger to help, the campaign is putting together an impressive grassroots operation. They have been focused on this for months. And I do think Patrick's active support will be helpful.

        •  How many statewide elections (0+ / 0-)

          have women won in Massachusetts?

          Governors, Senators?

          And don't dismiss hate-radio...out here in Central Mass, I'm surrounded by hate-radio parrots.

    •  seemingly, yes (0+ / 0-)

      Don't know what Brown did to swing them, but they seem to be in his court, at least in my neck of the woods.

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