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  •  47% on your contemporary american studies exam (0+ / 0-)

    The most troubling thing in my opinion is that it seems Republicans (not just Mittens Robme and Paul Lyin Ryan but all of them) seem to have no clue who is in this 47% that doesn't pay any fed income taxes

    This whole 47% thing reared its ugly head some time ago in the conservative propaganda machine as a rebut to the economic equally stuff coming from the OWLs

    and in all that time (one year now) none of them have picked up one of these graphs floating about that shows who is in that 47%

    -Working families making less the 50k a year
    -Old people living on non-taxable retirement instruments
    -Desperately poor working people and part time student types

    are the big categories

    of the smaller groups included in those Mittens thinks need to take some personal responsibility is my personal favorite

    -US soldiers earning hazardous duty pay and are exempt from federal income tax

    and my least favorite group

    -Rich assholes who reclassify their wages earned from their companies as return on investments and then reinvest those returns into "businesses" in tax shelter countries making it look like they earned 0 dollars when in fact they have 250 million in the caymans

    Maybe old Mitt is right about that last group needing a civics course.


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