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View Diary: Jon Stewart connects the dots on the secret Romney video (80 comments)

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  •  It's depressing, semantically (4+ / 0-)
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    that people believe they're part of "the 53%" because they "pay their taxes" which are payroll taxes.

    And even Today, Joe Scarborough - among others - are still getting away with "empathizing" with those 47% who are "on government assistance." This thing might seem good now, politically, but if the theme that those 47% AREN'T paying taxes, but it's just so oh uncouth to point it out then this will be Phyrric.

    Good on Stewart for being one of the few to point that out, but to my mind this is an all hands on deck issue. The casual conclusion that "47% don't pay taxes" cannot go un-debunked. It's not the right tack to laugh at Mitt Romney for writing them off. That there is no such "cohort" - except to an accountant who delineates payroll tax from income tax - is the most important message now.

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