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View Diary: Republican Suggested "Sprinkling" Radioactive Waste on America (151 comments)

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    So there is some scientific back and forth on the hypothesis, glad to see that's the case.  My assumption was that it's way too vague to be taken as any prelude to an actual assumption that there's a level of safety involved in dousing the nation in radioactivity.

    But I didn't want to be another scientific denier no better than the rest by writing the hypothesis off on my gut feelings.

    •  Be sure to keep hypotheses clear (4+ / 0-)

      It may be true that a hypothesis that low levels of directly applied radiation over known time periods would have health benefits has some support (and probably some non-supportive data too). But spraying it into the air is a very different hypothesis. It is extremely difficult to imagine how that would be applied safely and at appropriate levels to a population that would be exposed to different levels, have different life experiences, and different genetics. Spraying it into the air strikes me as impossible to control for all of that.

      In addition, you just know that with how regulation works in this country, some companies would overdo it, intentionally or not. You also know that there would be major battles over where it was sprayed and not-sprayed, and that the communities with the least power would get the most (as is usually the case with environmental pollution).

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