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View Diary: Something I'm trying to teach my sons that Romney could learn as well (6 comments)

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  •  I'm really not trying to be contrary for the sake (0+ / 0-)

    of it.

    Perhaps my experience will be illustrative. I was a Navy carrier pilot with over 800 carrier landings. There was a long training period, but the first, and every, time I tried, I had to be "good at it". There are other analogous endeavors (not including swimming and bike-riding). And yes, you should shy away from such if you think it won't work for you.

    Similarly, Presidents since Carter have tried to reconcile the principals, without enduring success. Indeed, Carter's signature success is unraveling. Because of US interests, it will never be a non-priority, but in current domestic circumstances it would amaze and astound me if a newly elected President, irrespective of party, would announce his focus of attention was invigorating a moribund Mid-east peace process. And again, for one to explicitly state it would not be is fine with me.

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