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View Diary: First long-term study reveals massive tumors in rats fed GMOs (83 comments)

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  •  Mainstream scientists call bullshit on this study (0+ / 0-)

    Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned.

    All this study proves is that old rats get tumors.

    When scientific results are released in a press conference rather than a peer-reviewed journal, you can usually assume that you are being scammed. The CRIIGEN group that funded the study are highly biased against GM crops. They were roundly criticized for a bogus study in 2010. In Wednesday's news conference, the study team refused to allow journalists to show the paper to other scientists before their news reports were due to be published.

    A special strain of rat was used that gets breast tumors easily, especially when given unlimited food, or maize contaminated by a common fungus that causes hormone imbalance, or just allowed to grow old naturally.

    They didn't use enough control rats. A quarter of their control group developed tumors and died.

    They were lying when they stated that they were the first group to test for the animal's whole lifespan. Most toxicology studies are terminated at normal lifespan  – 2 years.

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