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View Diary: Linda McMahon hits Romney for 47% talking point she used (35 comments)

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  •  It's not that she's doing so well.. (0+ / 0-)'s that Murphy is doing so poorly.  His personal financial history is a disaster, the latest revelation being that he was late paying property taxes for 7 years, which he's trying to explain away as a 'mistake'.

    This on top of the earlier stories about his getting sued for non-payment of rent and his failure to make mortgage payments resulting in a foreclosure action.

    The plain fact is that we have two unlikeable, undesirable candidates running, hence the nearly 30% undecided vote.
    I put myself in that category, as a Democrat whose first vote was for JFK and who has voted Democrat ever since. I think a lot of these 'undecideds' are not wavering between these two miserable example of the nominating process, but are, like me, reluctant to vote for either one.

    Look.  I'll end up voting for Murphy, not because of his own negligible worth, but because we need to keep control of the Senate.  In the meantime, I, like a lot of other Democrat  primary voters, wish all this crap about Murphy  had come out prior to August 14.  If we had know then what we know now, Susan Bysiewicz, former Secretary of the State, might well be our candidate.

    "Of all sad words or tongue or pen, the saddest are these:  it might have been" - John Greenleaf Whittier

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