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View Diary: Paul Ryan targeted Social Security and Medicare as 'collectivist' barriers to dog-eat-dog society (129 comments)

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  •  Anyone remember when Alan Greenspan... (1+ / 0-)
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    Ayn Rand follower and friend, sat before Congress after the financial collapse and basically apologized for the shortsightedness of his Randian ideology?

    There it is, right on the Atlas Society's website. He says that it was very unwise to have assumed that bankers and others should have been trusted to regulate themselves and that the hands-off approach that Government offered them led to severe greed and overreach that nearly destroyed the world's economies. In light of Greenspan's awakening I would love to know what Ryan thinks of his statements. If Ryan had his way he would first de-regulate the financial industry to a point even more lax than before the crash and secondly feed that greedy, un-regulated industry the money secured to take folks through their retirements. That's on top of his dream to privatize Medicare, offering seniors a coupon that wont cover their medical needs. So when Republican Financial Crash 2.0 occurs Americans can watch their once secured Social Security savings fly down the rabbit hole along with there 401k accounts...and pray to God that they dont get sick before a Dem can get into office and clean up their shitpile again. But hell, at least the brokers can keep some of that money so it's all good, right Paul??!!

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