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  •  sorry, but I must insist (3.50)
    for the sake of history! (and I'm only half-kidding).

    The Sunday, May 1, 2005, leak of the Downing Street minutes, by the Tory-endorsing Times of London was an exclusive bombshell.

    You -- like many, including some reporters and editors here in the U.S. -- are confusing stories re: the earlier (but recent) leak of Lord Goldsmith's memo re: legal advice, with stories covering the second additional leak of the Downing Street minutes.

    here's the link to the original Times of London story, accompanying the actual minutes text (which is linked elsewhere on this page):,,2087-1592724,00.html

    The 4/28 NY Times story, "Disclosure of Legal Opinion on War Could Hurt Blair at Polls," was about the Lord Goldsmith legal advice memo, which had been leaked earlier. It's in paid archives now, but you can see the summary if you search for it.

    same with the Village Voice -- pre-May 1 coverage was of the first leaked memo -- the online anti-Bush guy did note the Times "minutes" story as word got out the night before -- just as it did here on Daily Kos -- that the story was posted, and would be in Sunday's paper.

    Just like that first Knight-Ridder story -- we saw it here too on May 5th, but official publication date is May 6.

    and yes, Greg Palast was early, too, as was Ray McGovern. Tomorrow's LA Times story is important, too, because (as far as I've seen) it's the first big non-Knight Ridder daily in the U.S. to run its own full story. (if you look closely at your Google News search results, you'll see the results listed for U.S. mainstream dailies are reprints of Warren Strobel's stories by Knight-Ridder owned papers).

    sorry to be annoying, but I started keeping track right away, with the thought this would be something momentous. Any links expanding on / correcting the above time line are welcome.

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