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  •  Corporate PR "airtime" negotiators (none)
    I fear the worst.  Nancy Grace's rage, Anderson Cooper standing in hurricanes like an idiot,
    "primitive brain" stories, opinions, more primitive brain" reaction stores.  

    Lou Dobbs has an audience because they cover stories they research themselves.  
    No where else can you hear statistics and facts on trade and outsourcing in major media.  
    (and no matter what your opinion on Lou's latest focus, illegal immigration statistics were also never covered by the news previously).

    What happened to digging up the story, being there
    first, reporting events that no one else is covering?

    What happened to objective facts one can trust?

    We have more channels of news, almost all of it
    used as a hypnotic noise machine to manipulate
    public opinion and very little used to inform
    on the facts and bring information.

    Journalism schools should become public relations and marketing speciality areas.

    •  Excellent Post, Robert (none)
      "I would humbly offer that if we give people the knowledge, the republic will be saved. The media is the only entity in America that has complete freedom to hold government accountable."

      (Mike Pence, Branzburg v. Hays; a case on preserving the freedom of the press, and not revealing confidential sources)

      Who controls the media, controls the fates.

      by Apian on Thu May 12, 2005 at 08:58:28 AM PDT

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