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View Diary: Remember the $716B ObamaCare "Stole" from Medicare? Guess what... (86 comments)

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  •  About those Bush Part D insurance subsidies... (6+ / 0-)

    Remember class, the premise of that $500 billion chunk of the unfunded Bush Medicare Part D was that insurers needed that money to compete with Medicare. As Dr. Phil might say, how's that working for you George?

    So, not only was the money an unnecessary subsidy to greedy insurers, it didn't increase enrollment in Medicare Advantage. The irony of the fact that private insurers had a massive subsidy and still couldn't compete as efficiently in the allegedly free market but now under communistic Comrade Obama's Kenya on the Kremlin Kare, enrollment has gone up, premiums have gone down, and the savings of $716 billion has been passed on to Medicare recipients, thereby strengthening the "entitlement."


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