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View Diary: A Love Supreme: John Coltrane, hope and jazz (267 comments)

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  •  Thank you for another beautiful diary, Denise (5+ / 0-)

    - your diaries are always the highlight of Sunday Kos.

    I will forever be grateful to my sister for introducing me to Ella Fitzgerald - every one of her recordings is such inexhaustible joy - and from there to Duke Ellington, Leroy Anderson, and more.  My best friend brought Coltrane into the mix, and I remember long road trips into the night listening to his records - mystical.

    But Latin jazz with its swaying rhythms and brassy horns and syncopated Afro-Cuban beats - that has been my favorite ever since I discovered it in a raucous live performance many years ago.  I'm so glad you highlighted it - it does often get left out of the "official jazz canon", (whatever that is).  There used to be a great Latin jazz channel on satellite radio, and I was sad when they discontinued it.

    When my best friend took jazz classes in college, I was amazed to learn just how incredibly structured the music is, behind the rippled surface of "free" improvisation.  Any time I hear a jam session, it's nearly impossible not to join in though! - even if just by humming harmonies.

    Thanks again; what a lovely treat on a Sunday evening.  I will echo an earlier poster and say I'm also jealous of the opportunities you've had to mix and brainstorm with incredible musicians.  Wow!

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