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View Diary: Obama Fights to Retain NDAA Power to Detain US Citizens in Military Custody. (71 comments)

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  •  Grossly misleading diary. (0+ / 0-)

    Where's the part where Obama says he supports indefinite detention?

    Mentioning that Obama signed NDAA without mentioning his signing statement against indefinite detentions is misleading.
    Suggesting that he supports it now is misleading. The video you posted shows that. Obama said in the video that he still disagrees with indefinite detentions and that he believes the courts will eventually agree. Pretending he didn't say those things is misleading.

    In other words, the Justice Department is allowing this to work its way to the Supreme Court, where it will likely be declared unconstitutional. Obama makes it clear in his video that's what he wants and expects to happen.

    Do you want this law to reach the Supreme Court where it will be declared unconstitutional? Yes? Then you should support Obama's position and current course of action.

    We saw a lot of these kinds of distortions and exaggerations about Obama from the third-party cynics during Obama's first two years, and I don't think it helped accomplish anything.  

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