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View Diary: Harry Reid Crushes Scott Brown's Excuse for Missing Tonight's Debate UPDATE X6 FINAL w/Reid Video! (116 comments)

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  •  Senator Reid is throwing bombs (5+ / 0-)

    with this kind of messaging.
    Mitt where are your tax returns?
    Scott Brown you are an intellectual lightwieght and a fist puppet who cannot think for yourself and are not worthy to be in this body. You are a coward and a dullard and I look forward to watching you being dismantled in a debate with someone far smarter and capable than yourself. You are excused to go to your fate dullard.
    Mitch McConnel you sad sack, I will not conspire with you to protect someone who is not fit to hold publilc office to hold onto a seat that he will lose. Yes I am playing polotics and I'm kicking your ass. What are you going to do about it senator no?

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