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View Diary: Woman-To-Woman GOTV In NC (47 comments)

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  •  I'm in Colorado (18+ / 0-)

    and a couple of days ago.... a gotv girl for the Obama/Perlmutter (Perlmutter is the local dem congressional candidate) came by my Mother's house just as I was leaving, so we met in the driveway.  My Mother was inside, chatting on the phone.  This fantastic girl was looking for my Mother, but I assured her that my Mother, my wife, and myself (and anyone else that I'll be talking to) were all going to vote for the dem ticket, and that she could check off all of our houses, and dedicate time elsewhere as needed.  

    It's good to see gotv out there.... they are doing their job in  my Mother's neighborhood.

    •  Oh oh... forgot to say (9+ / 0-)

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for your efforts as well.  

      Between rmoney's stoopidy that ends up shooting himself more and more everywhere else including the foot, and the Obama ground effort and air campaign..... let's keep our fingers crossed, and focus all of our positive karma to this, that the rethugs will lose so much with this election that they will undergo a radical change after this election.  And much needed legislation will finally be enacted.

      This country in the long term does need at least 2 major SENSIBLE political parties.  I'm sick of the current hate and lunatic message of the current rethugs...... we don't need to be taking about women's rights and health issues settled long ago..... or denying basic civil rights to those with same-sex attractions.... or bullshit voter ID.... etc...... etc.....  We need grown up conversations in campaigns about what is best for all of the residents of this nation.

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