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View Diary: Allen West thinks women are out to 'neuter' him, so let's neuter him right out of office (89 comments)

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    It is just unbelieveable to me the quality (or lack thereof) of the idiots that we find in office these days.
    They surely couldn't have gone this far over the edge just because of the government post they assumed?
    They surely couldnt have been this whacked when they ran and won the post?
    They most assuredly werent this crazy in their other prior life? Then again, Allen West may well have been that crazy, given his prior disciplinary action.

    Boner, Can'tor, McConnell the won't-er, Rolls Royce the liars, West the Crazy, and oh so many more.......

    Politics these days have just turned so sour that it frustrates me. I do not and would never condone it, but I am starting to understand how someone on the edge could flip the switch and move to Montana, buy a bunch of guns, and start planning crazy shit.

    Just like Chris Rock said, referring to Orenthal Juice Simpson, I aint saying he shoulda kilt the bitch, but I understand!

    I do not condone ANY of the violence espoused above but I understand.

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