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View Diary: How the Associated Press used their poll this week to mischaracterize the race for the White House (170 comments)

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    Likely voter models are often no more accurate than polls of Registered voters.

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         using your own info/website/link showed why AP's poll was screwy they have only 63% of RV's showing up to vote this year whereas in 2008 itwas more like 72%,in 2004 it was 69.96%(not the 60% you stated above),in 2000 it was 67.5% and in 1996 65.97%.

           I'll say it again it looks like RV are getting more engaged every year with more & more of them being non-whites(13% of the electorate in 1992,26% last time in 08). So again where does AP get that 63% of RV showing up that seems to be the lowest number dating back to 1960 again according to your link in your post above.

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