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  •  Disagree that "academics tend to (6+ / 0-)

    refer to each other as 'doctor.'" This is highly regionalized and probably differs by discipline. But in my world -- the northeast, mostly the social sciences and, as an undergrad, humanities -- I don't know that I ever heard an academic refer to another as doctor. When, looking at grad schools, I visited a southern school, it stuck out to me in a big way that they did that. And I had a pretty snobbish reaction to it -- I just hate hate hate academic PhDs using doctor.

    •  I am an academic PhD. (6+ / 0-)

      I, and others who didn't have the job title of Professor (many on our faculty were Assistant and Associate Professors; many were only doing research and had different job titles) asked our students in the classroom to call us Doctor.  This was not in the South, but simply considered a matter of respect.  In my lab, where I had a personal relationship with the students, they called me by my first name.

      Whenever I testify at a hearing or in court on a topic related to my expertise, I use the title Doctor.  It is appropriate and meaningful.  I never use it in my personal life.

      You appear to be hyper-sensitive on the matter.

      •  Hyper-sensitive? (2+ / 0-)
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        PeterHug, Zack from the SFV

        I'm sensitive to it as we are to the vocabulary of the cultures we grow up in. I grew up among academics, none of whom ever used that title. As I say, it's a regional and perhaps disciplinary thing -- the exact point being, it's not possible to generalize about it.

        And yeah, as I say, I do have an admittedly snobby response to what I see as putting on airs. Which I always try to remind myself is culturally specific and I shouldn't do. But there you go!

        •  How do you address your physician (0+ / 0-)

          in an appointment? When you refer to him/her when asking for an appointment or discussing your treatment with a third party?

          Sam?  Betty?  Mr./Mrs.Ms. Brown?    

          Do you use an honorific for a judge, senator or congressperson?

          Putting on airs and showing respect are two entirely different things.

        •  academics don't use titles (3+ / 0-)

          amongst themselves because it's assumed everyone has a doctorate. Sort of like having a nose. (Props to Miss Manners)
          My husband always introduces me as 'Dr.  Robyn.' I smile.

          'Professors' here are generally piano players.

          Historically, those who play in bordellos.

          We made it through puberty - how awful can dying be?

          by nolagrl on Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 11:14:23 AM PDT

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    •  Well, as you know, to each other... (3+ / 0-)
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      lineatus, PeterHug, s l o w loris

      ...we usually say "Bob" and "Susan" and so forth. And to our kids' friends we're "Mr." or "Mrs." or "Ms." I don't make the barista call me Dr. (or Prof.). Well, except for the day I actually got the degree.

      But I do think that for situations where some degree of formality is called for amongst Ph.Ds, it's usually "Dr." As in, "Our next speaker is Joe Smith. Dr. Smith studies macroeconomics at NYU..." To use "professor" in those situations is just a tiny little bit off. Not a faux pas, nothing you'd blink at, but not quiiiiiiite right.

      I don't begrudge you your gut reaction to Ph.Ds using "doctor." But as a history professor, I feel obliged to point out that we were called that long before those jumped-up barbers started using it, and I spent a lot more time in school than them. ;)

      •  I have only used my honorific a very few times... (3+ / 0-)
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        lineatus, PeterHug, CuriousBoston

        and in each of those times, it was with an angry sneer: "That's Dr. Demimondian to you, please."  

        Well, that and to the college Alumni foundation for the schol from which FDDD and I got our bachelors degrees.  It's kind of cool to get letters addressed to "The Drs. Demimondian"

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