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View Diary: Ann Romney is sick of you people not understanding how hard it is to be Ann Romney (366 comments)

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  •  I kind of do feel sorry for her (0+ / 0-)

    Not because her husband is Mitt, and not because she is fabulously wealthy. But in order to live and be married to someone who has such clear condescension towards females, how removed from yourself do you have to be? I have icky feelings when I look at her, only b/c she reminds me of a time when women were expected to divorce themselves from themselves and be their husband, essentially. So I do feel sorry for her. Just NOT in the way she wants me to feel sorry for her right now. No, nothing there, Ann, sorry. You're married to a guy who's is running a shitty campaign because his ideas are cynical and hollow and based solely on the idea that he's best just because. You're getting some heat because of how your husband has approached it, so deal with it.

    Maybe get a divorce and pull a kind of Eat Love Pray thing where you jet around the world and get laid. Seriously, I think that'd do you some good.

    •  Mormonism at it's finest!!! (1+ / 0-)
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      Jack Hare

      It's the religion..... When my mother-in-law was still alive, for a brief time she and the Mormon church got a hold of my husband,... almost destroyed our marriage by trying to divide our family,.... you see I wouldn't play along,....... I would never be a good Stepford wife,... I had a problem of speaking my mind, actually using critical thinking, refusing to let my young children be indoctrinated,.............. encouraging them in their individuality,etc.................... It is so engrained in the culture here in certain parts of UT...... I'll never forget when we moved here almost 17 yrs ago, and someone told me the best way to sum it up was "Welcome to Utah,...... you've just stepped back in time 50 yrs..........given the fact the Romney's (& the GOP) seem to embrace that era in our country's history as idyllic and the way it should be again,.......... I'd say the comment of stepping back in time 50 yrs is about right!!!!

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