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View Diary: Ann Romney is sick of you people not understanding how hard it is to be Ann Romney (366 comments)

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    I for one will not take Mitt and Ann at their word that Mitt did anything that required the qualities that most people admire.

    Yes he was there - his name was there - thanks to his father. His father's name meant something and he earned it. He had character. George Romney was a supporter of civil rights at a time that his religion was not so:

    in January 1963, (George) Romney declared that "Michigan's most urgent human rights problem is racial discrimination—in housing, public accommodations, education, administration of justice, and employment."[120] Romney helped create the state's first civil rights commission.[1s name and reputation.

    But what I mean about Romney is that given the miserable campaign he has run and the extreme lack of judgement and tin ear it seems doubtful to me that he singlehandedly "ran" any business. It seems he relied on his "name" to leverage his public recognition.

    Maybe he has executive skill, but I'm not sure of that. So far the only thing I have seen is that he is a salesman -  a Zelig - telling people what they want to hear. And Ann, it seems, has fallen for the delusions that are Mitt.

    This article questions the impact his role played in the Olympics. It suggests that there were some scandals that were leaving the sponsors in doubt and that Mitt was good at soothing ruffled feathers but that he used the Olympics as a stepping stone to further his political ambitions.

    How much credit Romney should receive for the Games’ success is a matter of some debate. Romney’s campaign argues the event was “on the verge of collapse” until the candidate “salvaged” a success from “certain disaster.” These claims clash with assessments from other observers. “Mitt did a great job,” says former Democratic Salt Lake mayor Deedee Corradini. “We were behind where we would have liked to have been when he came in. But there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that we would have had a successful Games no matter what.”

    Critics say Romney overstated the scale of the Games’ budget woes. “The crisis was one of image. It was not a fiscal crisis,” says Bullock. Others think Romney wanted to magnify the scandal to cast himself as a savior. “It’s remained a scandal because Mitt made it that way by overblowing the problems,” says Sydney Fonnesbeck, a Democrat and former Salt Lake City council member who recalls Romney urging her to ask Tom Welch, the former head of the bid committee, to plead guilty to bribery charges. (A federal judge dismissed allegations against Welch and a fellow executive.) “From the day he came in,” she says, “it was pretty clear that he was there for Mitt and was going to run for governor.”

    (I don't know about you, but my home/car insurance agent is an idiot. But he has a very capable hardworking woman who runs his office. I often ask myself where he would be without her. And I also wonder how much he pays her for taking care of the details. But he also does not need to make important decisions like the rates people pay and the insurance coverage - that's done at the head office by people relying on years of experience with how these businesses function.)

    Finally people have gotten sick and tired of being had and taken for idiots. Mikhail Gorbachev

    by eve on Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 09:55:03 AM PDT

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