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  •  News of the Feathered Kind (9+ / 0-)

    HAI! Tha BIRD don all kinz goothingz! VINNIE BIRD stil tryn mov into shellf by neet clikee thing hanz lik! Wood be grat too nest! N tryn get LUNA intrestd in nestn gain!

    O no. LUNA no faln for that crap gain.

    But but but but but ... the BIRD!

    MAU turn MAU turn! MAU get all skairt n flapee n los fethrz in rit wing gain. Mak it hardr fly. No fayr. Bu spen lotz tim LUNA bes bird evr!

    O. Hai. WINTER. Ya. So. HUMON with. Good. DANDY push WINTER don? Wha?

    DANDY think HUMON meen! Wy push DANDY don?

    O hai hai hai all it SPARKS bes budgee o yes sing lotz sing a budgeez n HUMONZ n teelz algood sing n fit n play n fit n sing!

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