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View Diary: Add SEIU to the list of failed James O'Keefe sting operations (52 comments)

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    1.  it's a matter of time before there's a sting attempt on dkos.

    2. o'keefe always puts me in mind of a right-wing family at my school, 40+ years ago.

    the younger kids all got involved in illegal activities against abortion rights: trespassing, etc.  nothing with guns or violence, just high-level 'pranks'.  but they were alway in and out of court, which mommy and daddy proudly paid for.  and judges bemusedly wagged their finger at.  

    i wonder how many more families there are like this.

    meanwhile OWSers get pepper sprayed and clubbed and arrested etc.

    “And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer even remotely human.” ― William Gibson, Count Zero (-9.75 / -9.05)

    by doesnotworkorplaywellwithothers on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 02:15:33 PM PDT

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