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View Diary: The Plan to Do Away w/ Medicaid and Medicare: Tommy Thompson (WI-Sen) Admitted It, Paul Ryan Lies (48 comments)

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  •  This applies not just to Tommy Thompson (14+ / 0-)

    and Paul Ryan, but to all those Republican members of Congress who voted for and supported the Ryan budget. Getting rid of traditional Medicare and Medicaid is the GOP plan.

    •  ugh. Those qualifiers (3+ / 0-)

      It bugs me that we've been cowed into using qualifiers such as "end Medicare as we know it" or "Getting rid of traditional Medicare and Medicaid". I realize the use of the qualifiers is because the so-called "fact checkers" listed the truth that the GOP wants to end Medicare as "lie of the Year", but, despite what Politifact erroneously states, the GOP wants to end Medicare period. Sure they'll offer coupons for a for years, but after more tax cuts for the rich there just won't be any money left for vouchers and they'll be defunded entirely. The GOP is ideologically committed to eliminating Medicare (and Medicaid and Social Security) and we should keep saying as much!
      The GOP doesn't use qualifiers for their lies. We shouldn't use  qualifiers when telling the truth!
      Say it, "The GOP wants to eliminate Medicare and Social Security entirely!"
      That's the damn Truth!

      --- Keep Christian mythology out of science class!

      by cybersaur on Sat Sep 22, 2012 at 07:06:10 AM PDT

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      •  I think the corporate-controlled wing (1+ / 0-)
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        of the GOP wants to keep Medicare Advantage. That funnels money to the insurance industry. They're O.K. with the Part D prescription drug benefit too, as it is currently designed as a gift to the pharmaceutical industry. What they don't like is traditional Medicare that's administered by the gov't without an insurance company middleman.

        On Social Security, they want private accounts for the benefit of Wall Street.

        Of course, the Tea Party extreme wing of the GOP and the libertarians want to blow up everything. They make a lot of noise, but are probably not calling the shots.

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