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    The Wake:

    If this election goes the way New York Times pollster Nate Silver, (Intrade gives him a 29% chance) and Huffington Post pollsters, conservative columnists, among others think it's going then foreign policy or alien invasion, the Republican party may, good riddance, go the way of the Whigs, a 19th century party that died because of factionalism within the party over the issue of expanding slavery into the territories. Given that the Republican party is home to corporatist greed junkies ( see the Night of the living Dead House of Representatives stooges), the new robber barons personified by fat of the land cutie pie Sheldon Adelson (with an aspirin between his knees and one-armed bandits for eyeballs), right wing religiosos, mysogynists (who can't keep their political hands off women's reproductive health issues), veiled racists vs chair lynchers, homophobes, and neo-nazis (see Arthur Jones, Illinois), among other delightful factions vying for anger management poster child of the century, it's hard not to imagine that something like cell division--mitosis for starters--isn't in the tea leaves. Willard on pay per view, only 50,000 a pop.

    Philosophical Interlude:

    Mitt strolls into an ice cream parlor wearing a hairy woodpecker, a yellow warbler and a blue-footed boobie on his head. The soda jerk asks, "Where did you get that?" The hairy woodpecker, the yellow warbler and the blue-footed boobie answer, Cayman Islands--jerk-off, they're falling out of the trees.

    The 47% Solution: President Obama.

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