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View Diary: Tagg Romney had an abortion clause for the surrogate mother of his child (272 comments)

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  •  This could backfire/"fetal personhood" the story (5+ / 0-)

    According to TMZ, they had used the same surrogate previously and specifically had the clause omitted.  It appears to have been an oversight this time.
    IVF and surrogacy are already under attack by the righties, and we do not need them arguing it leads to more abortion...(They could even say that Tagg could have had his child murdered by a selfish surrogate etc, over a technicality)
    The real hypocrisy here is that Romney said that he would sign a "fetal Personhood" bill.  Fetal Personahood could make IVF (and surrogacy) impossible, since doctors (and clients) could be prosecuted for choosing not to implant every single embryo that it is created (even when they are obviously poor specimens).

    Romney should be asked whether he believes that other families should be prohibited from creating families the same way that his grandchildren came to be.

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