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View Diary: Tagg Romney had an abortion clause for the surrogate mother of his child (272 comments)

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  •  Peace Mmontanaman, (6+ / 0-)

    The criticism in this diary is not about surrogacy. The criticism is about the hypocrisy of allowing abortion language in that specific contract because of the anti-abortion stance of the people involved. The Romney family seems to think abortion is ok for their family to choose should they need to, but not for anyone else to have that choice.

    I don't think anyone is calling families who choose surrogacy "sick fucks." They are calling the hypocritical Romney family this (I don't agree with the language for the record - it isn't productive). Surrogacy is a beautiful way to build a family when other options aren't available or possible. Hypocritical pro-choice behavior on the part of the Romney family is unacceptable, and they should be called out on it. It is the Romney family who are being called "assholes" (again, language unnecessary) for their hypocrisy, not for choosing surrogacy.

    And for others who've expressed concern about involving Tagg in this conversation... Tagg is an adult, not a child, and he participates in his father's campaign, so he is entirely fair game. Tagg's children, being minors, would not be fair game.

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