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View Diary: Unions, Education and The Chicago Teachers Strike (50 comments)

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  •  I get so tired of teacher-bashing and (8+ / 0-)

    union-bashing trolls who think that making a decent wage as a teacher is greedy, and who think that the tales of crumbling infrastructure and community poverty "don't ring true."

    Firstly, average teacher salary is not what every teacher makes. Secondly, if you were to average the salaries of college-educated professionals in a community you would find that the teachers would be making less than most others in that group. Thirdly, if you value education for your child and for the children of your country, you would pay what it takes to attract the best to the profession (to whit: Finland). You wouldn't pay them pittance, make them do janitor's work because there are no janitors, and evaluate them on the ability of their students to take a standardized test that elite schools admit is without value. Rahm's children in private school do not take these high-stakes tests and their teachers are not evaluated based on high-stakes test results.

    Children who are poor, who are homeless, who are disabled, who are abused, who are hungry, who are tired, who are scared do not learn well. Public school classrooms are over-filled with children that come with different skills and challenges. What they achieve is not measurable on a high-stakes standardized test.

    If you had 40 new children for 9 months of the year with widely-differing start-points in their abilities and ongoing threats to their ability to learn, you probably wouldn't want your ability as a teacher to be measured by those kids' ability to take a bubble test.

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